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  • ARTFOX Beam 15R

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    ARTFOX Beam 15R

    Name:     ARTFOX Beam 15R 
    Style:      330w Lamp YODN,18 Channel
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    Description: ( Catalogue)
    The 330w Lamp from YODN, offering comparable output to 1200w fixtures with a new specialized optical system offering sharp gobo projections and a extreme beam "Searchlight" type effect. Featuring 6 dichroic colors + Open, 8 rotating indexing gobos+open, 11 static gobos, rotating 3 facet prism+ 16 facet prism macro, frost filter for wash effect and lighting fast 2 phase motors for all effects, Evenness spot effects.


    • Razor Sharp 4.9° Beam Angle
    • Uses YODN 330W, (YODN 17R, 350w is FOR OPTIONAL, is comparable output to HMI 1200W)
    • Remote Focus, Stepless Frost (Hybrid)
    • 6 Dichroic Colors + Open
    • 8 Gobos Rotating / indexing+open
    • Lamp on & offer by DMX


    Voltage: 120-240V/50~60Hz (110V version is available upon request.)
    Power consumption: 400-480W

    Lamp: YODN 330W, lifespan is 1500 hours, 8000k,
    over 1,500 hours (Discharge lamp with a short arc burner in a reflector system), YODN 17R 350W for option.

    High light output: Over 10,5000 lux @ 15m
    Beam Angle: 4.9 degree
    Lens: Anti-reflective coated (Glass)


    Channels: 18ch
    Control model: DMX, stand-alone, master/slave, sound activated mode
    3-pin DMX and 5-pin DMX are available, Neutrik Powercon is acceptable.


    2 phase motor,
    Motors:15 step motors
    Pan/Tilt: 540°/270°
    Resolution: Pan = 2.11°, Pan Fine = 0.008°, Tilt = 0.98°, Tilt Fine =0.004°


    Color: 6 colors wheel + open
    Gobo: 8 rotation gobos wheel + Open
    Prism: 3 faced rotation Prism + 16 Prism Marcos
    Dimmer: 0-100% mechanical
    Iris: Motorize Iris
    Strobe: Variable speed shutter/ strobe
    Focus: Motorize Focus
    Frost + Gobo Shake+ Lamp on & offer by DMX


    Structures: Anti-fire plastic + extruded aluminum
    IP rating: IP20
    Cooling: Forced ventilation with axial fans.
    N.W: 23.5Kg

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